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Ortho RI Halloween Video

Ortho Rhode Island



To celebrate Halloween and introduce Facebook users to the specialists at Ortho Rhode Island, CA Group created a digital video that asked Ortho Rhode Island physicians to use their expertise to determine the most anatomically accurate Halloween skeleton. The result was a fun, informative, and sharable piece of content that reached an estimated 43,000 Facebook users and garnered over 1,400 engagements.

Ortho Rhode Island offers comprehensive, patient-centered orthopedic care, creating individualized treatment plans to meet patient needs and improve quality of life. ORI physicians cover every orthopedic sub-specialty and offer treatments that range from physical therapy to innovative robotic-assisted surgery that achieves better outcomes through safer, more accurate procedures. Ortho Rhode Island’s Express service also offers same-day appointments for orthopedic injuries that require immediate treatment, providing their orthopedic expertise when patients need it most.