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October 2020 Highlights

Featured work for Ortho Rhode Island, Mobile Beacon, and 50 Words Marketing/St. Christopher’s Hospital.

Ortho Rhode Island: Health iPASS Campaign

To offer patients safer and more streamlined services, Ortho Rhode Island has introduced Health iPASS, a new contactless check-in and payment system. CA Group supported the roll-out of this new program with a campaign that included rack cards, pull-up banners, social posts, emails, and a landing page on the Ortho Rhode Island website. Coordinating these marketing efforts across multiple channels helped educate a broad cross-section of patients in a short period of time.


Mobile Beacon: COVID-19 Infographic

COVID-19 has presented new challenges to everyone across the country, including the students and educators Mobile Beacon is dedicated to serving. To help communicate how Mobile Beacon has stepped up to support schools during the pandemic, CA Group designed an infographic that shares facts and figures about their efforts to make remote learning available and effective for students.


50 Words Marketing/St. Christopher’s Hospital: National Injury Prevention Day Website

Ahead of National Injury Prevention Day on November 18th, St. Christopher’s Hospital embarked on a campaign to raise awareness about the significance of childhood injury, and to advocate for injury prevention. In collaboration with 50 Words Marketing, CA Group developed a website for St. Christopher’s that provides injury prevention tips, educational resources, and links to additional information for users.