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June 2021 Highlights

Featured work for PharMeric, Ortho Rhode Island, and Textron

PharMerica: Multimedia Ad Campaign

With some competitors showing signs of struggling, PharMerica had a unique opportunity to establish itself as the premier choice for pharmacy services for long-term care providers. To educate potential clients on the nimbler, more responsive alternative PharMerica offers, CA Group created a comprehensive multimedia marketing campaign with bold messaging to drive business development. These efforts included digital ads, print ads, postcards, social media posts, and emails.


Ortho Rhode Island: 30-Second TV Commercial

As their scope of comprehensive care continues to grow, Ortho Rhode Island remains dedicated to patient-centered orthopedics that offer a one-of-a-kind experience. This focus on the patient experience is the highlight of both their practice and their most recent TV spot, created by CA Group in collaboration with Checkmate Consulting Group. The visuals and messaging in the commercial have also been implemented in other media campaigns such as digital and print.

Textron: Engagement Survey Poster

As part of their commitment to excellence as both an industry leader and as an employer, Textron encouraged employees to share feedback on their work culture and processes, and began implementing many of the suggestions offered. To follow through on this effort, Textron will issue an employee survey to collect input on how effective the changes have been. To help employees learn how and when to participate, we created eye-catching posters that provided all the key details of the survey.