Mobile Beacon


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Mobile Beacon is a new player with a difference in the mobile broadband internet marketplace. They are one of the first to provide unlimited 4G Internet access in the United States. And, they offer this advanced technology only to qualified educational institutions and other nonprofits through a unique grant program, making it a much more affordable option than industry mainstays like Sprint, TimeWarner and Comcast.

Founded by the College & School Network (CSN) of the NACEPF Foundation – producers of educational radio and television programming – the new entity needed an identity that would quickly and clearly communicate those principles. They turned to CA Group to create a new brand identity and marketing materials.

The NACEPF team had established a clear mission and vision for the new company, so CA Group immediately began with a competitor analysis and started the process of creating a name for the new brand. Various naming types were explored with “Mobile Beacon” ultimately rising to the top for its descriptive and experiential persona. The resulting wordmark uses font, color and iconography to communicate the blend of mobility, technology and cause.

From there, CA Group established a new positioning tagline – Granting nonprofits 4G access – which clearly communicates Mobile Beacon’s mission as well as the services provided to the various nonprofits served. A graphic standards document was created and applied to a crisply designed identity set and to the most important element of Mobile Beacon’s future marketing success, a new website. Designed and written to be informative and easy to use, it provides all the functionality for nonprofits to make informed decisions, apply for a grant, and to make purchases online.

As service areas are opened nationally, future marketing and public relations efforts will be implemented including advertising, brochures, email and social media campaigns.