Fesnak & Associates, LLP


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Fesnak and Associates is a diverse team of audit, accounting, tax and consulting professionals offering a comprehensive foundation of business and financial expertise plus practical, informed advice to businesses nationwide. Headquartered outside of Philadelphia, they strive to combine the most attractive features of large national and smaller regional firms. They’ve grown by responding to customer needs developing expertise in many industries and service niches.

Working in collaboration with 50 Words Marketing, brand research commenced in the form of customer and referral source interviews to get a sense of how Fesnak is perceived in the marketplace. The goal: define a relevant, unique and deliverable brand statement. During a comprehensive brainstorming session with key stakeholders, the team began articulating the attributes that best describe the Fesnak brand from both company and customer points of view (Brand DNA). From this input we developed several potential positioning statements aimed at differentiating Fesnak from competitors, rating each on very specific criteria such as credibility and deliverability.

The top rated positioning statement now serves as their internal brand touchstone, providing focus for their future branding efforts. From there, a unique, relevant, and memorable tagline was crafted, supporting a focus on customer needs and benefits: “Today’s Insight. Tomorrow’s Success.”

We also used the input from the key stakeholders to create key messages, enabling strong, clear messaging that speaks with one voice.

Next came the focal point of the new Fesnak and Associates marketing initiative–a new website. CA Group and 50 Words began with an audit comparing the pluses and minuses of both competitors and similar service companies. Site architecture and resulting navigation was established and content development and graphic design commenced. Copy focused on driving home customer benefits, rather than a static recitation of what the company offers. The resulting site not only makes it easy for prospects and referrers to assess the talents and services offered by the firm, but also provides a mirror of sorts whereby the visitor can learn about services rendered for companies like their own.