Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State


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Big Sisters of Rhode Island (now Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State) is one of the state’s most established philanthropic organizations. Research however was showing that while the organization’s donation programs were well known to Rhode Islanders, the actual purpose of the organization–mentoring young at-risk girls–was becoming “fuzzy”. Big Sister recruitment as a result needed a boost. Also, over the course of time, communication materials used by BSRI, including their website had become dated and disjointed. BSRI needed to strengthen their brand identity and update branding materials to reflect the brand.

CA Group first facilitated a messaging hierarchy process whereby the BSRI brand team focused on articulating their brand’s purpose, mission and vision, as well as documenting their brand’s DNA. Next the team worked on articulating a brand positioning statement that clearly differentiated the organization both from competing local groups and the parent organization, which is associated with boys and girls.

Armed with this knowledge, a new tagline – “Enrich her life, and yours.” – was created which communicated BSRI’s purpose and benefits to the organization’s many constituents.

BSRI’s website was reorganized, optimized, rewritten and redesigned to reflect a more upbeat and informative organization and to provide more interactivity between BSRI and its various constituents. New identity sets were designed to reflect both the national graphic standards and the newly focused local brand.